A partner for sustainable urban development

Structure, Governance and Accountability


All three DW organisations are registered in their respective countries as not-for-profit organisations, constituting a network of DW entities. Dr. Beat Weber is the Executive Director of DW Switzerland, DW Namibia and DW Zambia.

The main objective of DW Switzerland is to raise funds for the programmes implemented by the other DW entities in Southern Africa. DW Switzerland has a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with both DW Namibia and DW Zambia. The MoU provides the framework of collaboration between the two entities, ensuring accountability and transparency. A funding agreement is also signed for every transfer of funds between the different DW entities, stating the intended use of the funds, as well as obligations and responsibilities.

Internal and external control mechanisms

Stringent internal and external control mechanisms ensure that funds are used exclusively for the intended purposes. For example:

  • Payment authorization: In all three DW organisations, the processing of payments always needs two signatories, of which one is a local member of the board.
  • Procurement: Any purchase of goods or services above a value of the equivalent of CHF 200 needs three quotations. Other strict procurement rules apply, as required by specific donors (e.g. the German Development Bank or UNICEF).
  • Internal control: Internal control mechanisms are clearly defined and enforced by DW’s management and accountants.
  • Accounting: In all three DW organisations, accounting services are provided by independent and reputable accounting firms.
  • Budget tracking: To ensure the efficient use of funds, the budgets of all projects are monitored with weekly financial reports provided by the accounting firms.
  • Financial audits: Auditors are appointed by the respective boards and financial audits are implemented on an annual basis.


Each DW organization has a Board of Trustees or a Board of Directors. The main tasks of the Board, amongst others, include:

  • To provide guidance and support on strategy and operational growth
  • To ensure financial controls
  • To approve annual budgets and external annual audits

List of the board members:

DW SwitzerlandDW NamibiaDW Zambia
Ms. Jessica Brown (Chairperson)
Mr. Philippe Rothlin
Ms. Daniela Caleff
Ms. Ursula Verhein
Mr. Urs Brügger
Dr. John Mendelsohn (Acting Chairperson)
Mr. Allan Cain
Mr. Cheryl Emvula
Ms. Lavinha Shikongo
Mr. Ted Rud
Ms. Emely Tjombumbi
Mr. Herman Strydom
Ms. Agness Mumba-Wilkins
Mr. Patrick Kampengele
Mr. Allan Cain
Mr. Mubiana Muyangwa
Ms. Jessica Brown
Mr. McDonald Chipenzi (secretary)

Currently appointed auditors:

DW Sanitation

Wright Registered Accountants and Auditors
Erf 1181, Kreuzberg Street,
Eros, Windhoek
P. O. Box 80908
Olympia, Windhoek

Financial Audits
Financial Audit 2017
Financial Audit 2018
Financial Audit 2019
Financial Audit 2020
Financial Audit 2021
Financial Audit 2022
Financial Audit 2023

DW Housing

Fischmarktplatz 9
8640 Rapperswil SG

Financial Audits
Financial Audit 2023

DW Children

Kabwe & Co Ltd
25 Mpezeni Avenue

Financial Audits
First audit expected in July 2024

Development Workshop - A partner for sustainable urban development
Development Workshop - A partner for sustainable urban development
Development Workshop - A partner for sustainable urban development