Housing For All

Low-cost Land & Housing

DW Construction Manual

Construction Manual

Guide on sustainable construction techniques for Low-Cost Housing

Informal settlements in Namibia: their nature and growth

Exploring ways to make Namibian urban development more socially just and inclusive

This timely publication on the challenges of urban development in Namibia offers practical and achievable solutions to help address current challenges in informal settlements, and provides approaches for towns and villages to be pro-active in developing settlements in

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

DW Play for All

Play for All

Early childhood development for the best start in life

Children growing up in the slums (informal settlements) around the world are burdened with socio-economic challenges that traps them into poverty for decades to come. Play for All is an early childhood programme, supporting ECD centres (kindergartens) and families in southern Africa with an objective to provide the opportunity for every child to have the right start in life.

Childrens Books on Namibia

Adventure Namibia Vol 1

Adventure Namibia Vol 1

Illustrated by a young artist, Adventure Namibia is the story of two children touring and exploring Namibia. The first of this series, the book introduces children to the beautiful landscape and magical scenery of Namibia. Look out for the next book to see where Fina and Peter are going next.

Wild Animals Colouring Book

My Etosha National Park Wild Animals Colouring Book

Learn about the various wild animals found at Etosha National park and get creative as you add colour to each page!

My Namibian wildlife – Volume 01

Illustrated by a young graduate of the Namibian College of the Arts takes the children on an adventure into the jungle while learning fun facts about the wild animals.

My Children’s Picture Atlas of Namibia

My Children’s Picture Atlas of Namibia is a visual and interactive Atlas that takes children on a trip around Namibia.

It is filled with a lot of interesting information, allowing a lot of discussions for children with their families.