Our work

A partner for sustainable urban development

What we do

Our currently biggest programme is in Namibia, where Development Workshop started in late 2016. Our four main programmes are: DW Land & Housing, DW Urban Sanitation, DW Early Childhood Development (ECD) and DW Urban Infrastructure. Read more

Where we work

Our largest operation is in Namibia which is situated in south western Africa. In Namibia, we currently implement projects in almost all 14 regions of the country. In the very recently established offices in Zambia and Zimbabwe activities are currently being developed. Read more

Measuring Impact

One of the fundamental indicators of success of our programmes is answering the following question: How many people did we reach and how did we change their lives? While the question may be simple, seeking the answer is not always the case. Read more

Our beneficiaries

Our beneficiaries are people living in southern African informal settlements, or slums. Our programmes also contribute to broader changes in government policy and programmes, and therefore have an impact beyond those areas where our activities are implemented. Read more