Development Workshop Switzerland

A partner for sustainable urban development
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Development Workshop Switzerland

A partner for sustainable urban development

(DWS) is a registered Switzerland NGO with a focus on sustainable urban development, informal settlements and the disadvantaged communities that reside in them. DWS works through partnership agreements with local authorities and in support of national development goals. It has four main programmes, focusing on land & housing, sanitation, early childhood education and urban infrastructure. Read more

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DWN is a partner for sustainable and inclusive urban development. We provide support to local authorities, align with government priorities, collaborate with private sector, engage with residents…
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Governance & Accountability

In each country the local DW organisation is established as a non-profit organisation. However, due to the different legal frameworks in each country, different types of legal entities were used to register the DW organisations.

Urbanization in Southern Africa

Across southern Africa, more and more people live in towns compared to rural areas. Most towns struggle to provide housing for rapidly growing populations. As a result, large percentages of urban residents only find housing in the informal sector.

Social enterprise approach

Scale and sustainability are considered fundamentally important indicators of success for our programmes; however achieving both the afore-mentioned with donor funding alone is not possible due to the fluctuating availability and size of donor funds.

DW Social Enterprise Approach

Measuring impact

One of the fundamental indicators of success of our programmes is answering the following question: How many people did we reach and how did we change their lives?

News, Publications & Events

Development Workshop Housing for all

November 2022 | Publications

Housing For All

An initiative to address the housing crisis in southern Africa

Social Impact Accelerator

November 2022 | Events

Social Impact Accelerator
Social innovations for a positive social and environmental impact.

Location: FREITAG lab, Binzmühlestrasse 170b, 8050 Zurich
Date: Wednesday, 30 November 2022
Time: 18.00-20.30